ENGEDGꓱ Guarantee

We promise you will get to your English language goals if you:

  • are committed to learning English;
  • have attended all your specified lessons;
  • have completed your homework, tests, and assignments 85/100.

If you do all above and can’t get your expected goal, we will provide you with all the additional lessons to reach your target level at no extra cost.

At every
ENGEDGꓱ school, we are focused on improving your English.

We promise to offer all our students:

  • Our unique, exclusive “CROSSCUT®” English language teaching method
  • Matchless and authentic English Programs
  • The highly-trusted IELTS preparation centre
  • Highly qualified teachers and dedicated staff
  • Maximum class size of 10 students (average size around 6)

Your commitment to us:

  • Do your homework comprehensively
  • Respect your teacher and cultural environment
  • Be punctual to all classes and activities
  • Speak English at least 1 hour a day outside the school
  • No mobile phones in class.

There are seven major levels of general English courses for adults, ensuring you receive the best learning experience for your ability. When you begin your course at ENGEDGꓱ, you will take a test to determine which level to start on. Here is the whole journey in brief: