WRITMATCH (The Shocking Truth about WRITING for Kid and Teens)

We all need to write. Whether this be to a lawyer, to a friend or even to someone we don’t happen to like that much. A well-expressed writing -whether written or typed- may make a small but crucial difference.

Undoubtedly, the foundation of writing skill is made during elementary and early high school. If this foundation hasn’t been planned correctly in this stage, the Writing mistakes will continue to high school and then remains as a habit in adulthood.

During childhood, before these writing problems become deep-rooted habits, parents can pretty easily solve them in elementary or early high school.

WRITMATCH is the EngEdgꓱ writing skill teaching from elementary to high school students with a standard-based instruction, implemented in an innovative way. When it comes to children and teens’ education, time is valuable!

WRITMATCH divides into two parts:

WRITMATCH JUNIOR: a writing program tailored for grades 4 to 7

WRITMATCH SENIOR: a writing program tailored for grades 8 to 12

“WRITMATCH” is a Right Match for your kid’s Writing!




By the end of your studies in this course the student will:

  • Learn everything from grammar to essays and research papers by our qualified teachers who assess each student’s writing and give encouraging feedback on every assignment.
  • use specific areas of writing for essays and test preparations
  • Bring the writing skill to a new level.

Course Breakdown

Available All year
Lesson length 90/135 minutes
Length Minimum 1 month
Level Grades 4 to 12

 Start Dates

New Classes start twice a month in the most of the programs.

Start Dates

Admission Requirements

  • A pre-entry written free placement test will be administered to determine each student’s level.


What we offer

WritMatch specific

We will ensure your kid’s writing ability improves week in week out. This means understanding how to use grammar, vocabulary, and other strategies to have an academically correct writing.


Learn by doing

We believe when it comes to children and teens’ education, doing ample amount of activities and students’ engagement is the best way of learning. Due to this fact, every session fun-filled activities is an inseparable part of our education.


The best support

Our teachers will guide and monitor the students to make sure that they progress at the correct expected rate. They will motivate and encourage the kids, identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Authentic materials

Our teachers will refer to authentic CROSSCUT® resources that are a professional blend structured for kids & teens writing skill. This will give them an understanding of how English writing is used.


ENGEDGꓱ Guarantee