HYBRID Learning (A “take-it-home” course which continues outside the physical walls of the classroom.)

The great difficulty of applied learning English in countries where English is the dominant Language (like Canada), is the lack of ability to communicate with Native people and difficulty to understand their way of speaking. Besides, lack of time for commuting specially for new-comers is the second problem that cannot be easily overlooked. Hybrid Learning, is an innovative course which solves these two major problems in learning English by:

  • learning the Canadian dialect and slangs with the help of a native teacher
  • having 70% of your class sessions at home over the Skype




Reasons to take this course

You will

  • communicate with your Native teacher, learn Canadian dialect and ways of having a native communication
  • improve your English Speaking and Listening quickly and effectively
  • understand and use familiar everyday expressions in English
  • expand your vocabulary in relation to everyday topics.
  • improve your general English skills, such as the ability to speak English and to listen in English to real life situations.
  • achieve the same successful outcomes as our graduate students.


Course Breakdown

Available All year
Lesson length 90 minutes
Length Minimum 1 week
Level Pre-Elementary to Pre-Advanced


Start Dates

New Classes start 2 times a month in the most of the programs.

Start Dates

Admission Requirements

  • Students are required to have a below Elementary (=P2/B ENGEDGꓱ Core General English Course) level of English.
  • A pre-entry oral and/or written free placement test will be administered to determine each student’s level.
  • Students are encouraged to take our Free Online Test in order to determine their likely English level.


What we offer

Creative classes

As a student in our Hybrid program, you’ll focus on interactive, conversational English rather than teacher lectures. Your teachers will limit themselves to speaking no more than one-third of the class time in order to encourage you and your classmates to converse in English.


Learn by doing

We believe you learn best when you are engaged in discussion and taking a full and active part in lessons. In other words, you will develop your verbal English skills as quickly and effectively as possible.


The best support

Your teachers are trained to deliver constant support and feedback within a relaxed and informal environment. Their care and encouragement will build your confidence as you progress.


Authentic materials

Your teachers will refer to authentic CROSSCUT® resources that are a professional blend structured for ESL Language Learners. These materials will Foster critical thinking and develop vital study skills for higher education.


ENGEDGꓱ Guarantee