CROSSCUT® Plus Teaching Method

What is CROSSCUT®?

Technically speaking, there is a lot to be said about the kind of system we apply in ENGEDGꓱ International College. The first and foremost important issue about Crosscut® is that it is exclusively designed for ESL learners in a short-run fashion. Researches show that the variety of English language books available in language teaching (those with the famous motto: one size fits all) can hardly meet language learners` needs particularly in the adulthood. This is no doubt attributable to a variety of different reasons such as learners` age and urgent needs, the length of learning, method of instruction and so many others. For instance, when learners reach an age in which speech patterns are fully developed in their mother tongue, they find it hard to learn a foreign language on the basis of ESL rules. Apart from the very short time spent in a language classroom, the methods of teaching are artificial and most of them are bookish and far from real life situations. Therefore a unique system has been devised based on adult ESL learners` urgent language needs for an English-speaking country like Canada. Here are some CROSSCUT® key features:

  •      +  English Course books:

Exclusive                      +   Method of Teaching course books that are used in class, tailored to all your needs and level of English

  1. Looks at all key areas of language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  2. Develops grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation
  3. Offers clear learning outcomes and objectives, using English in real-life contexts
  4. Is student-based and Interactive
  5. Is Most Suitable for an ESL Environment
  6. Has a Short-term Timing
  7. Is Well-organized and Fun-filled with loads of activities
  8. Adapted to Language learners` Age and time shortage
  9. Pays Attention to Individuality
  10. Holds low-populated classes (Maximum 10 students)
  11. Is Target-based and Adaptable to the student’s aim
  12. Avoids traditional Fail/Pass Fashion of Qualification
  13. Aligned to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) levels

All in all, as you engage with the CROSSCUT®, as well as taking an active part in classroom discussions, you will work on your language skills in small groups, pairs or individually on tasks and projects. And as you learn correct English pronunciation, increase your vocabulary, work on your grammar and improve your sentence construction, you will find you become able to express yourself in an accurate and appropriate way.

                      + English course levels and their timelines

By the help of the following chart and by counting the session and week numbers to your goal, you can guess how far you are from your expected success in our college.